Florida Boatlifts

One of our Pro Lifts specialized for a Troller with troller brackets, customized wood bunks,  and set up for direct drive (Gear box upgrade w/ stanless 3/4" C-face motors wired w/ switch and GFI)

A Pro Lift with a dog-legged bottom cradle for the customer's lift to work around rocks at the bottom of the ocean.

A Collapsible Davit with a manual winch and piling mount base

One of our Prime Lifts customized to pick up a Seaplane

One of our larger Pro Lifts customized to pick up several smaller boats at once!

Florida Boatlifts Specialized Lifts and Custom Fabrication

We'll make just about everything.   If you have a special order you want to place, then contact us and give us the details and we'll do the best we can to fulfill your request.  Below are some of the custom orders we've made for our customers

This is a lift we built for Lowry Park's Manatee hospital that one of our dealers built a deck over

A double dog-legged lift made for a customer who has to work around rocks at the bottom of the ocean.

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